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04 August 2015

Five Ideas for a Manzanita Tree in Your Decor

Manzanita trees are so versatile and can be transformed to match any theme or decor. The trees themselves can be light or dark wood, and can even be painted. They can be used as floor decorations, table centerpieces, or decorative accents.

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity and planning flowing:

1. Small lanterns hanging from plain branches can fit well with an Asian themed event, or a casual, shabby chic feel.

2. Orchids woven into the branches at the top add the beauty of real flowers in almost any color palette and create the illusion of a flowering tree.

3. Flower clusters at the base of the tree provide for a substantial pop of color to unify a room with your palette. Bare branches emerging from the base are simple and abstract.

4. For a more elegant element to manzanita trees, crystal beads draped from the branches glisten and sparkle in the lights for a dazzling effect.

5. Glass candle holders hanging from the branches allow for a subtle lighting element while illuminating the beauty of raw manzanita branches.

Of course, you can always combine several of these ideas into an even more stunning result! Regardless of what you choose, a manzanita tree is always a contender for the perfect decorative item for its versatility and beauty.