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24 August 2015

Four Gala Themes Guaranteed to Impress

Anytime you are planning a gala, you know that the stakes are high for the feel of the event. Guests expect a certain level of cohesion and creativity to tie everything together, especially if it is to raise money for an organization or charity.

The good news is that there are tried and true themes that are always well-received by the host and the guests of a corporate event.

Here are our favorite list of Gala Themes:


Keep your color palette simple and make sure to include at least gold or silver with another accent color. Make the attire black tie to ensure the regal feel that you are looking for.


A great theme for a more casual and fun gala with games and casino related decor. Reds and blacks are great colors to use and card tables can add to the authenticity.

Secret Garden

This theme, with elegant attire and mystery, is perfect for an outdoor space or an indoor space made to look like the outdoors. Lots of lights and whimsy go well to create the wonder and enchantment for this theme.


This is typically well-suited for a more casual theme, and can be paired with cocktail drinks and umbrellas for a perfect island party! Think blues and bright colors for a palette, and flower leis and shells can add to the tone of the event.

There are so many great ideas for a fantastic gala, so start with an idea, color, or interest and begin adding in elements until it all fuses seamlessly and impresses your guests.