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16 August 2015

Six Party Favors that People Actually Want

It is always a challenge to decide just what you want for a favor at your event, especially when it is the perfect opportunity to really reflect your tastes and personality.

Apparently this is a common dilemma, as the Huffington Post recently wrote an article about awesome favors. Here are our favorite ideas from that article.

1. DIY Jack & Coke Kits – A can of Coke in a mason jar with a small bottle of Jack Daniels tied together with a straw.

2. Hot Sauce Bottles – You can make your favorite flavor or buy it, but add a special tag that says, “Thanks for spicing up our event!”

3. S’mores Kits – Single serving Hershey bars, with a few marshmallows and graham crackers are a great to-go favor.

4. Jars of Honey – If you are lucky enough to live near a bee keeper, get raw honey from a comb. Otherwise, fill small glass jars and attach a tag that says, “How sweet of you to come!”

5. Used books – In light of the recent trends to recycle, a collection of used books can be offered guests and let them find one that fits their interests.

6. Candy bar with Take-Home Bags – Select either your favorite candies, or candies that fit with your color scheme, and allow guests to pack a bag to take with them.

Whatever you choose for your favor, make sure it reflects your tastes, personality, and the tone of the event. Then it mirrors the feel of the rest of the party, and just adds that little extra piece of extraordinary!