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25 September 2015

Stretch Your Wedding Budget with Three Multipurpose Expenses

We all know that weddings require a lot of planning, time, and money! And the budget at the proposal always seems to increase as the wedding nears. How can you maximize your dollars and get more bang for your buck? Splurging on elements that can double as other features from ceremony to reception.

There are quite a few carryovers from the ceremony to the reception and there are tricks to maximize your budget. Here are a few ideas to help your dollars go the farthest.


Your DJ is going to be there early to set up for the reception anyway, so instead of hiring a harpist or violinist for the ceremony, ask your DJ to play music that you would have asked of the musicians. It will likely only cost a little more since he will already be there, and you can hand select which songs and artists from his collection.


Flowers are a large expense at a wedding, so why not use them twice? When planning your floral decorations, ask for arrangements that can be transferred from the ceremony to the reception with ease. Instead of pew bows that are impractical after the ceremony, have the florist create freestanding aisle decorations that can be transferred to the tables or reception area.

(Notice that the tall floral candelabras and the columns with flowers could be relocated!)christina-reyes---kivi-dennis-wedding_21284225471_o


Four-Post Arch

This works especially well if your ceremony and reception are in the same location. The arch can serve as your altar for your ceremony and then can be transformed into the sweetheart table location for the reception. This idea not only provides a beautiful place for pictures of the vows but also allows for an intimate space for the reception.

(Notice how the sweetheart table is now where the ceremony took place!)wedding--sarah-shehorn---john-luke_21008169134_o

With a little bit of creativity and collaboration with your vendors, you can save money by reworking what you are already budgeting for. Your savings can really add up when you think through multipurpose expenses and double your benefit!