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01 September 2015

The Beauty of Sunflowers

Sunflowers have taken their rightful place among floral contenders for all kinds of events in recent months. Who doesn’t love their size, color, and presence? They make a statement and can be incorporated into any budget, theme, and color palette.

Here are six ideas about how to use sunflowers at your next event:

  • Sunflower Pomanders – If you want to include sunflowers at the top of the room to draw interest and color up, hang some pomanders from the ceiling with string all around the room. A florist can make these up, or you can DIY with floral foam.
  • Bouquets – Sunflowers have such grand dimensions that you only need a few thrown into a bouquet for maximum impact. All white bouquets with sunflowers as an accent look incredible. Sunflowers also pair well with blue hues and fall colors also compliment the yellow and black nicely.
  • Burlap Wraps/Swags– Sunflowers are the perfect pair for country or barn events. Use sunflowers as the center of chair wraps at a reception, or at the joint of swags across a room.
  • Mason Jar Centerpieces – There is no better container for a sunflower than a mason jar! Paint them to match your colors or leave them clear with colored stones in the bottom. Tie some jute or raffia around the top and voila!
  • Party Favors – Give each guest a sunflower seed packet to take with them and let them plant their very own sunflowers to grow. Then they will get to appreciate the beauty of a sunflower in their own yards or gardens.
  • Lemons – If you want to go with an all yellow theme, a happy theme, a bright theme, a summer theme, you get the idea… pair sunflowers with lemons! What a fun mix of textures, shapes, and scents for your event.

Sunflowers add a special element to any event, and are easy to work with. You will find that they are so versatile and easily accessible, too. Plus, they remind us of bright, sunny days – happiness on a stem!