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19 September 2015

What Lighting Can Do for Your Event

Lighting is one of the most simple but powerful ways to impact your event. There are so many choices now with portable lighting, and the colors of your lighting really set the mood and tone for all of the guests. 

There are several methods to achieve vivid colors at your event. The two most common are color wash lighting and uplighting. These two approaches can be used independently, but they can also be used together for even more of an impact.

Uplighting allows for a vertical beam of colored light spaced throughout the room, creating highlights of color around the perimeter. This is often used on Pipe and Drape or white walls. Pleasing colors for uplighting are amber, purple, blue, pink, and aqua.

Below, a sweetheart table has uplighting behind it. Notice how the color changes create a different feel:


Color wash lighting is used to blanket an entire room with a color that matches the theme or tone of the event. This works well in rooms that are light and neutral; dark or textured rooms do not reflect the colored lights as effectively.

As you can see, the same room with changing color washes looks completely different:

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For your next event, make sure that the lighting in the room helps to create what you want. If you want to match the color palette of your event, go for soft. If you want to create a mood, use a bold color. It is amazing what lighting can do to create a specific feel for your guests!