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22 October 2015

Four Ways to Pull Off an All White Wedding

With the popularity of an “All White Party” for gatherings and fundraisers in recent months, brides have been catching on to the trend of all white weddings. This can relate to the wedding party only, or the whole wedding with the reception and decor also white. Here are a few reasons why white should be considered for your wedding.

Glass or Crystal

The benefit of glass vases or crystal tableware is that it reflects off of the white and adds sparkle to the entire room. You can also add stems with crystal drops into the bouquets. This is a simple way to highlight the all white theme.


Metallics are a perfect compliment to an all white color palette. Silver, bronze, gold, and platinum all coordinate very well as accents to white. Use the metallics on your charger plates, specialty linen table cloths, urns and vases, and chairs.


Natural Elements

The colors of nature, like green, brown, and tan, pair perfectly with all white. These colors lend themselves to a more earthy feel, rather than the glitz and opulence of the metallics. Plants, succulents, and wood also work well.

Dimensions and Textures

There are so many white flower options, you can pair different sizes, textures, shapes, and dimensions to give it variety with the monochromatic theme. Calla lilies, roses, orchids, tulips, gardenias, peonies, and lily of the valley all add a different element to floral arrangements and bouquets. Your decor can also include various textures, like brocades, lace, damask, or embroidery.

All white weddings do not have to be boring or underwhelming. With a little effort, white can be the highlight of a beautiful palette. It certainly serves its purpose as a simple but elegant option to a multicolor theme.