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14 October 2015

Out of the Ordinary Centerpieces for Your Next Event

Every event, whether it is a corporate function, private party, or wedding reception will have centerpieces to help tie together the theme and colors. So, rather than just a traditional floral centerpiece, you have lots of options to make it unique and out of the box. Here are three ideas to make a centerpiece stand out in the crowd.

Themed Items

You don’t have to stick with the traditional concept of centerpieces anymore. You can take your theme and use that to construct centerpieces. If your theme is nautical, group colorful buoys in the middle of the table. If your event revolves around games, cluster small classic favorites together. A baby shower can have a collection of bottles and pacifiers.


Traditionally, centerpieces either needed to be short or extremely tall so that the guests’ views weren’t blocked. You can play with height to create the effect that you want by varying the centerpiece container or style while maintaining continuity with the colors, materials, and content. In other words, place tall, thin vases with clusters at the top on the outer tables and short, wide vases on the center tables. As long as they look similar, they do not have to be exactly the same.

Unique Containers

Any container can serve as the base for a centerpiece. You are no longer chained to a glass vase filled with glass beads. Mason jars are favorite choices, but you can also use inverted wine glasses, antique bottles, decorative boxes, pitchers, or apothecary jars. The more you use creativity when planning your centerpieces, the more it will make an impact on your guests.

Centerpieces are fundamental to an event, so they should represent your theme, personality, and colors. The variety of options for creating centerpieces offer endless ideas and they can be just as inexpensive as they are costly, depending on your budget. With a little thought and ingenuity, your centerpieces can be the highlight of your next event!