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08 October 2015

Three Ways to WOW at Your Next Event

There are so many things to consider when planning an event. The guest list, the theme, the decor, the music, the lights. But, there are other often overlooked factors to creating that extra special something that remains with guests long after the event concludes. Here are three things to remember when planning your next event.

Out of the Box Venue

With the improved economy, hotels and halls are back to charging a premium to rent their space for events. But, that doesn’t need to effect your budget or your plans. There are many locations that you wouldn’t normally consider that would be willing to host your event. Zoos, warehouses, parks, rooftops, parking garages, hangars (Check out our Hangar Party!) – the list is endless. An added bonus to an out of the ordinary venue is that there is often built in decor to lighten the decorating load!


Pre-Event Community

Technology now allows you to develop and maintain a community around your event before and after the two or three days that it lasts. Through social media and websites, you can create a feeling of belonging and camaraderie with your guests. Accomplish this by offering contests, encouraging photo sharing, and discussions about their experiences.

Local Food as Decor

Another consideration is what to feed all of your guests, and how the fare will coordinate with the event. A growing trend is to use local merchants and locally grown food more than ever before. Food trucks are supplying more food than caterers in recent months, and the food truck serves as its own focal point at the event. Food can also be cleverly woven into the decor in thematic ways.

Events are meant to bring people together. Although it can be difficult to manage guests, food, and locations, with these easy steps, your event will be a huge success!