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09 November 2015

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider a Beach Wedding

Even if you don’t have the benefit of living in Florida like we do at Gabro Event Services, there are many reasons why a beach wedding should be part of your planning. Whether you have access to a beach where you live, or whether you want to plan a destination wedding to a warm, Southern coast, here are some benefits to a barefoot wedding in the sand.

Save on Venue Fees

Most private beaches require reservations and use of their planning or catering services to get married on the beach. However, there are many stretches of public beaches that are free to use if you are willing to set up your own chairs and get the necessary ceremony items.


Natural Backdrop

There is always the challenge of what will serve as your backdrop for your ceremony when it is indoors. Do you want stained glass windows, a decorative arch, pipe and drape with uplighting? There is a lot to consider when thinking about what people are going to remember about your wedding. At the beach, you can have the sunrise, sunset, or just the beauty of clouds, water, and sand behind you. The natural beauty is already provided, free of charge.


Amazing Photos

Wedding photographers charge a good bit of money to forever document the day of your marriage. People consistently remark that they wish they would have done something differently after the fact. One of the benefits of a beach wedding is that the photos always look amazing. Natural light and a gorgeous backdrop create amazing memories in print.


Easy Rentals

You don’t have to sacrifice decorations, color schemes, or functionality in order to have a beach wedding. Many of our clients rent four-post arches with or without draping, tables, chairs, and PA systems so that they can still have what they want even on the beach. Simple rental items can add practicality to an already beautiful location.


Beach weddings are extremely common for us, as Floridians. But even if you live far away from a beach, there are certain elements of a beach wedding that may make it worth the trip. A destination wedding, across the state, across the country, or across the world might give you just what you are looking for. It is certainly worth considering!