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17 December 2015

Three Reasons Backyard Weddings Have Such Allure

Traditional church weddings and exotic destination weddings both have their place and draw for those planning their special day. But, a private, backyard wedding offers some special elements that an indoor location cannot provide. Here are three reasons why a backyard wedding might be just what you are looking for.

Garden Themes

Secret garden, anyone? A backyard wedding gives you the ability to turn an already lush and green backdrop into a garden themed wedding with little effort. You can incorporate your own unique and special elements into the backyard, while offering beautiful photo opportunities and gorgeous scenery. Woods, neutrals, and earthy elements like burlap pair well with a backyard wedding.

Multipurpose Items

Since your ceremony and reception are in the same place, you can use rental items for both! Your aisle lights for the ceremony become the table lights for the reception. Your arbor or backdrop where you say your vows becomes the frame for your sweetheart table. Your chairs lined up for the wedding encircle the tables for the reception. You can capitalize on everything happening in one place.image4_23503425272_o

Intimate Affair

Even large backyard weddings typically include less guests than those at reception halls. By nature of the limited space, you include only your closest friends and family to celebrate with you! You get a much more intimate and personal experience. This also allows you to splurge on food, favors, and decor with a smaller guest list.

Backyard weddings offer elements that no other location can. The intimacy, practicality, and landscape may be just what you are looking for as you plan your wedding location. Ask friends and family who might have a gorgeous backyard that you could borrow for an evening, and allow the backdrop to create the wedding of your dreams!