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04 December 2015

Three Benefits of Using a Backdrop at Your Event

When you are in the planning stages of an upcoming event, you always want to consider what elements should stand out or be the focus in the room. You also want to arrange the room to look just right. A backdrop serves many functions, and offers you lots of options to create exactly the environment that you envision for your event.

Covering Walls or Openings

One of the great things about a pipe and drape backdrop is that it can cover an area of the room that is not pleasing to look at or impractical for your needs. You can hide a boring stretch of wall or cover an opening that needs to be closed in. This is a very elegant and practical solution to create the room that you want.

Drawing Attention

A backdrop can also highlight a specific area in a room. Sometimes you may want to draw attention to the sweetheart table at the reception. A corporate event might warrant a backdrop behind the the speaker’s podium. Any area with an elevated stage or riser is also a practical place for a backdrop. The pattern and texture of a pipe and drape backdrop clearly direct your guests’ attention to a specific location in the room.

backdropAdding Lights

A backdrop with starlights is even more captivating. The addition of lights makes the pipe and drape sparkle and illuminates the desired area. This is especially effective if the room is dimly lit and uplighting is used around the edge of the room.

A pipe and drape backdrop is a simple and effective way to create the room that you want and to focus attention on a specific area. Make sure that you include a backdrop at your next event to make it extraordinary!