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29 December 2015

Why Specialty Linens are a Must-Have for Your Event

Whether you are planning a gala, a wedding, a private party, or a corporate event, specialty linens are a must-have item for that special “wow” factor. Here are some popular options for specialty linens, and how you can include them in your event to make it extraordinary.


Table Cloths and Overlays

There are so many beautiful options for table cloths, runners, and overlays now. This is a simple way to tie color schemes in across the room and to give it that elegant feel with the shimmer, sparkle, embroidery, lace, or rosettes. 23269288794_5f815a5686_o

Chair Sashes

There are several ways that chair sashes can be tied to create different looks, but they can be coordinated with the table overlays for consistency. Sashes over chair covers provide uniformity throughout the room and make the table and chairs tie together.



The great thing about linen napkins is that you can use them to tie in with other linens, or the napkins can bring in an accent of another color altogether. Folded on place settings, sticking out of glasses, or holding the favors are ways to use linen napkins in a creative way.


Specialty linens are a sure way to make an extraordinary impression at your event. The simple coordinated look that linens provide can bring an elegance no matter what your theme or color palette.