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19 January 2016

Creativity with Pipe and Drape: Four Amazing Ideas!

Pipe and Drape is an option for any event that makes it extraordinary! Whether you highlight one wall, have a ceiling draping, or surround the entire room, pipe and drape brings an elegance and uniqueness to your event that nothing else can. Here are four creative and amazing ways to use pipe and drape to WOW everyone at your next event!

Ceiling Treatment

With the use of pipe and drape, an everyday ceiling can become a focal point in the room. By including a ceiling treatment at your event, with or without lights, you can make the entire room feel blanketed by softness. Certainly a special touch that sets your event apart.


Outdoor Entrance Swag

Most people tend to focus their decorating efforts and budget inside the venue, but don’t forget about making an impression from the moment that your guests arrive! By adding draping around the entrance, you create continuity inside and out at your event. 24127622335_1dee63862f_o

Wall Decoration

You can certainly cover an entire wall or the entire room with hanging draping and uplight it to create a beautiful backdrop for your event. But what about using the draping to create texture, pattern, and interest on the walls in a unique way? Crossing, swagging, and weaving the draping are all options to turn an ordinary wall into a work of art!


Four Post Arch/Arbor

One of the great things about an arch or arbor is that it can be used for the ceremony and the reception. If one is created with pipe and drape, it is light and portable. It can serve as the center of the ceremony vows and then double as the sweetheart table canopy at the reception. It is also a great option for the entry for your guests!


Pipe and drape is amazing at any event, as it brings a special touch of elegance. Whether you incorporate it in the traditional manner in front of walls, or you try one of these four options, you are sure to capture the attention and the amazement of your guests.