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19 February 2016

Mini Desserts for Your Event: Eight Favorites

You can no longer expect that a chocolate fondue fountain and a large cake will impress your guests. They have come to expect unique and special touches throughout the event to make it extraordinary, food included. Mini desserts are a great solution, as they offer something different and personal.

Food is such a large part of what differentiates a good event from a great one, and mini desserts create such excitement and interest. Foodies and sweet lovers alike will relish the opportunity to select from an array of mini delights throughout the event.

Here are eight of our favorites:

  1. Cake pops
  2. Cupcakes
  3. Fruit pies
  4. Macarons
  5. Cannolis
  6. Cheesecake bites
  7. Mousse cups
  8. Baklava cups

One great thing about a mini dessert bar is that guests can try a variety of options, instead of being limited by one menu item. Further, they can customize their dessert with only their favorite flavors, or combine two of the desserts for flavor fusion.

A personal and special touch when deciding which mini desserts to include is to take your or your guests’ favorite desserts and have mini versions made for the event. This is sure to make everyone feel very appreciative.

This is certainly a trend that is hot and here to stay. Incorporating mini desserts into your next event is sure to wow and leave a lasting and delicious impression on your guests!