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12 February 2016

Why You Need Peonies in the Decor at Your Next Event

Peonies are such an amazing flower in event decor. They are delicate, intricate, pair well with almost anything else, and offer a touch of romance and classy timelessness. No matter what the occasion, or the season, peonies bring a special touch to an event. Here are three things that will help you make the most of your peonies in your decor.


Peonies last longer than some flowers used in floral decor if cared for well. If the peony bud is still opening, you can expect it to last about a week. Once the bud fully opens and the bloom unfurls, it will last for no more than two days. This should guide when you order and when the arrangements are created so that the blooms are at their best during your event.


Peonies fare best when they are harvested early in the morning. Flowers are ready to be cut when the buds are just beginning to show their colors and begin to soften. The flowers should still feel firm, similar to a marshmallow.



Peonies do best in cool water with freshly trimmed stems, cut on a diagonal. Water should be changed and stems should be re-cut every day to preserve their lifespan. The longer they can stay refrigerated and out of heat or sun, the longer they will last in an arrangement or bouquet.

Peonies are associated with good health, good marriage, come in every color except for blue, have reported medicinal benefits, can continue to grow planted for more than a century,  and are just plain GORGEOUS. Make sure you include peonies in the decor for your next event – they are sure to impress!