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30 March 2016

Why Hanging Paper Lanterns are Worth Considering for Your Event

You are probably wondering what rental items are necessary for your event, and trying to budget according to your must-haves. While some rentals are more of a luxury and increase your cost, others really do add something special to the ceremony and reception. Hanging paper lanterns are one of those items.

Visual Interest

Let’s face it, ceilings are pretty boring and unattractive. By renting hanging lanterns, you create something visual at the ceiling level and add decorations that tie in your colors or theme. People won’t really pay attention to the ceiling at a venue unless you give them a reason to – which is why hanging lanterns are so special to add.


Sometimes a space could use some more illumination, even if there are lights already there. Hanging paper lanterns with lights are not only nice to look at, but they provide subtle additional illumination at the ceiling making everything a little brighter. They can also illuminate an area that does not already have lights, such as an outdoor venue or a backyard.


There are different options for the way in which you hang the paper lanterns for different effects. Here are a few ideas:

  • You can choose different sizes in one color and hang them at different heights around the venue. You can also choose several different colors of lanterns in your theme.
  • Cluster them together over a point of interest, such as the sweetheart table or dance floor. You can also space them farther apart as you move away from the center.
  • Use the hanging lanterns along the edge of a space as a visual divider or to distinguish between two areas of the celebration.

Hanging paper lanterns are a lovely and easy way to make your venue special. They add light, visual interest, and allow you to be creative with placement, style, and colors. They can be used with or without lights, indoors or outdoors, and are very versatile for any type of celebration.