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17 March 2016

Lace Accents for Your Wedding

Lace is one of the most long-standing tokens of beauty – and it brings an element of classy timelessness to your wedding! It can be included in so many facets of your special day, from your dress to favors, decorations to centerpieces. It adds just the right amount of femininity and daintiness without being overwhelming.


Specialty linens are an easy way to incorporate lace into your decor. Lace runners and overlays add texture, simple patterns, and your colors onto every table. You can also fashion napkin rings out of strips of lace to have at every place setting for an extra splash.



You may not initially think that lighting can tie lace into your event, but GOBO projections offer any pattern that you want on the ceiling, floor, or walls. You can choose a bold, strong lace or a delicate, small lace pattern to create the feel that you want for your reception in a subtle way.


Lace Inspirations

Even if you don’t add actual lace into your event, you can have items that have lace inspirations. Many decorative items and favors can have the look of lace, through printing, painting, or details. Spraying clear paint over lace on card stock creates the pattern, as does using lace as a template over which you paint on guests books, favors, or signs. Decorative items will often have touches of lace inspirations, too – look for chargers, vases, glasses, and so on.


The benefits of lace are endless; it is reasonable, beautiful, readily available, and timeless. Whether you want your entire wedding themed around it, or you just want simple accents here and there, lace should certainly be considered as you plan your special day!