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04 March 2016

Using Gorgeous Outdoor Venues for Your Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular as couples want to create unique and memorable experiences for their special day. But choosing an outdoor location should be about more than just location. There are many venues that have existing or natural outdoor features that are gorgeous and picturesque that make incredible ceremony locations. Here are a few ideas.


Fountains can add a beautiful aspect to a ceremony for several reasons. First, the sound of the water is very soothing and peaceful. Second, watching the water shooting up and cascading down is pleasing. Finally, many times the fountains themselves are ornate and decorative, making a beautiful feature.


Golf Course Greens

Golf Course Greens can provide a very open and expansive location for a ceremony. Often times, chairs are set up facing the course, making for an appealing backdrop for your vows. A simple arch or arbor can further frame your ceremony while still having beautiful views of the greens behind.

golf course

Historical Locations

Historical landmarks and locations in the city if your wedding can be a treasure trove of cultural and architectural beauty for your ceremony location. Take advantage of old churches, buildings, bridges, and more to capitalize on existing local history and what still remains from it.


It is so special when you can incorporate details from the environment into your ceremony. It not only brings a unique quality to your wedding, but they are already there to offer you the backdrop that you love without having to pay for it or bring it in!