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07 June 2016

2 Ways Lighting is a Key Component to Setting the Mood for Your Event


Creative Lighting Can Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

Getting the lighting right is a crucially important aspect for events of all types and sizes, from enormous multimedia productions down to one-offs with extremely modest budgets – the right lighting can set the desired tone and mood for each variety of event and venue. In fact, lighting is one of the key essentials for mood, ambience, scenic elements, as well as filming an event.


LED’s on the walls, can transform a room in a number of ways. It can spotlight many important parts of your decor, such as the table decor, the catering, speakers, and guests during introductions, dances and toasts.


Event uplighting can be your best value for the money spent on decor for many reasons. It can make a mediocre room look beautiful and even spectacular. It can add color to a primarily beige or neutral colored room. Specialized lighting can project your names or a monogram on the dance floor. You can have many different colors, not just one. Your pictures and video will look so much more colorful and vibrant.


As with all of your service providers, experience makes a big difference. Just as an inexperienced videographer can annoy the clergy and the guests, an inexperienced lighting company is unlikely to know how bright to adjust the ambient (in house) lighting to get the right effect and still be bright enough for the servers during dinner and for elderly guests. So choose your service provider carefully. One good way to choose a lighting company is to read online reviews from other event planners. A company that has won awards is another indication of a good choice for a lighting company.