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Table Linen Choice Time?

We are in a transition from warm, sunny days to cool autumn nights, we’re falling for the tones and textures of the new season. Everyone has a very specific glam vision in mind and looking for great quality at a good price.   We always advice our clients to use Lamour Satin Tablecloths because it is an essence of class and elegance for any sophisticated event! You can choose any color that matches your theme. Lamour Satin's subtle sheen finish makes it the perfect in-between choice if you're unsure on using polyester or satin. Best of all, Lamour Satin is a versatile fabric that can be paired with any other solid or textured fabric and still maintain a cohesive look...

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Hosting an Event? What About Stage and Rise Rentals?

      Staging is the base for any performance, event or rehearsals. When you decide to choose a staging rental, consider the sizes, height, fold and roll advantages. The surface of the decks can create an amazing ambiance and environment to any event.     Events are not the same without staging and rising rentals. We love staging and rising as it transforms your event into an outstanding, and unique look. It creates a custom, dynamic and exclusive look for your corporate, wedding event or rehearsal day.     To soften the look of an edgy modern stage, the skirt would be great addition. Skirts outline any size or height of stage. Skirts come in many fabric materials, colors,...

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What is a Party without a Dance Floor Rental?

       There are many ways to host a truly unforgettable event. You have everything set for your event, flowers, decoration, furniture, and your loving guests. Renting a portable dance floor is the best way to provide safe and comfortable dancing for you and your guests that you won’t have to worry about. You can also have a choice of an outdoor or indoor dance floor.    There are so many kinds of different dance floors and what would help you to rent the correct one is the style that match your event theme and budget. Illuminated dance floor    This dance floor rental is lighted creating a high-end club feeling at your event which keeps the event happy...

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Exquisite Corporate Event

  Corporate events are one of the most important opportunities for businesses, because it provides a chance to present the best ideas from within a company to management, employees and other departments.  it takes an important role to design inspiring and advanced corporate events that bring these great ideas to the fore. As well as deliver what the key participants expectations to get out of the event. As these events brings great conversation experiences with people, inviting lounge seats are important factor to encourage socializing. Furniture rentals, different table and chair rental styles can transform your whole event. Providing a variety of spaces, such as traditional tables, utilizing family style or community seating and high tops along with more casual seating...

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The Impact of Pool Lighting

If you are considering an outdoor venue for your next event that has a pool, don’t let that be wasted space! You can use pool lighting for creating a beautiful focal point of the night! Here are some ways to make the best of a pool in your space: Monograms/Logos If you are hosting a gathering for a wedding, use an initial or name monogram that can be projected onto the bottom of the pool. If you are planning a corporate event, project your company’s logo. You can also use symbols or objects, such as palm trees, anchors, or flowers. Patterns Another option for pool lighting is patterns that match your theme or event. You can have stripes, swirls, chevron,...

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