Table Linen Choice Time?

We are in a transition from warm, sunny days to cool autumn nights, we’re falling for the tones and textures of the new season. Everyone has a very specific glam vision in mind and looking for great quality at a good price.


We always advice our clients to use Lamour Satin Tablecloths because it is an essence of class and elegance for any sophisticated event! You can choose any color that matches your theme. Lamour Satin's subtle sheen finish makes it the perfect in-between choice if you're unsure on using polyester or satin. Best of all, Lamour Satin is a versatile fabric that can be paired with any other solid or textured fabric and still maintain a cohesive look at your wedding or event. The Lamour Linen is available in round and rectangle shape that would match your event.


Spandex Lycra Linen can be made from a proprietary blend of Lycra and other synthetic fibers which cleans up beautifully. We love spandex tablecloth because it comes in so many colors, it does not wrinkle, and it looks amazing. The Spandex tablecloth is also one of our favorites because of its form as it fits spandex wraps around the table and, therefore, doesn’t hang down on people’s laps, it is colorfast, stain resistant, and durable.


Polyester Tablecloths is also a great option for table. Poly is a synthetic fiber that’s known for incredible durability and resistance to stain and wrinkles. These properties make poly an excellent choice for table linens used at high-volume banquet events like weddings, and corporate events. If you’re planning an outdoor event and/or expecting accidents and spills, polyester tablecloths are your best bet. Plain weave polyester is used to make not only standard polyester tablecloths but also for stretch tablecloth. Also Upscale dining establishments tend to use poly to present their guests with the maximum of comfort while also considering the durability–and therefore reusability–of the material.

Table linens can also come in different fabrics and colors such as Satin, Taffeta, Damask, organza and cotton. You can choose the most one that fits the theme and look of your event. Don’t forget table runners, they can take your tables from ordinary to extraordinary and it transforms the whole feel of your event. They come in not only basic polyester, but in lace, fancy, and sheer fabrics too.