The Impact of Pool Lighting

If you are considering an outdoor venue for your next event that has a pool, don’t let that be wasted space! You can use pool lighting for creating a beautiful focal point of the night! Here are some ways to make the best of a pool in your space:


If you are hosting a gathering for a wedding, use an initial or name monogram that can be projected onto the bottom of the pool. If you are planning a corporate event, project your company’s logo. You can also use symbols or objects, such as palm trees, anchors, or flowers.


Another option for pool lighting is patterns that match your theme or event. You can have stripes, swirls, chevron, dots – anything you want projected onto the bottom of the pool to continue the decor throughout the event.


If a monogram isn’t what you had in mind, you can still illuminate the pool with colors that match your event. Any color can be projected and therefore create the illusion of the pool as that color. Not only does it add color, but it illuminates the pool and makes it stand out at your event.

There are many options for a pool at your event with lighting, so that it becomes something other than just something around which to walk. With some creative lighting, a pool can serve as a decorative and incorporated element for your event making it even more extraordinary!