Transform Your Event with Pipe and Drapes

Are you looking to make your event a standout or something everyone is talking about?

One of the most overlooked pieces of event décor is that of pipe and drape rental. While you may have flowers and themed pieces high on your list, do not discount the power of these items to make your venue stand out. In fact, pipe and drape rentals can completely transform any space and add a touch of sophisticated elegance to your event.


Pipe and Drape offer decorative alternatives. You can create a layered look, make a canopy, and even design a photograph background so that guests have somewhere nice to pose. There are numerous designs you can use pipe and drapes for, including:

  • SWAGS – Drapery can be used to create accent swags which offer a rich, appealing look. Swags can be used to decorate tables, add dimension to a tent rental or even add a touch of drama to a photo backdrop.
  • LAYERS – To create a layered effect and add depth to a room’s décor, sheer fabric can be overlaid a heavy, solid fabric on specialty placed pipes. It offers an elegant, aesthetically appealing look for seating areas and stages.
  • COLUMNS – Pipes and drapes can also be used to create free-standing, elegant columns. These can enhance the overall event décor and help separate areas that would otherwise seem too open.
  • CURVED DRAPES – These can be used to create a curved effect around catering tables, block off display tables and even create an entrance in a party tent.

To finish the look, add lighting to the pipes and drapery. This will add even more dimension, and can also give the space an uplifting, rich look.