Clearwater Event Lighting Rentals: 5 Ideas to Light up Any Event!

Finding equipment that perfectly matches the needs of your wedding is no small task, especially when you’re looking for something as varied as lighting. There are many, many different types of event lighting that all serve their own purposes and have different requirements for care and operation. 

It can seem overwhelming at first. That’s why, at this moment (before reading on), it’s important to understand what you want out of your wedding regarding setting and looks. 

Now that you’ve decided that, you’re ready to walk through some options that may just turn your wedding from awesome into something truly spectacular.

LED Strips

Often found in rooms or lighting up the backs of computers, these easy to install and program lights are an excellent way to add soft, changing lights to your venue. With how customizable they are, the possibilities are near endless.

Strobe Lights

If you’re playing some danceable, energetic music, you may want some lighting that matches the mood. Strobe lights give an extra energy to any dance and can quickly shift colors and speed to match the music tempo. Just make sure that none of your guests have a sensitivity to flashing lights, of course. 

Christmas Lights

Often called “fairy lights”, these colorful strings can be easily wrapped, taped, and arranged almost everywhere. Whether you want to wrap it around some trees to make a nice ambiance or adorn your tables, they’re a great way to add some personality to your decor and light up the night.

Projector Lights

Also Known as gobo lighting, these are built to project custom images onto the floor. As you can imagine, the applications for this are vast and can have some seriously awesome effects. From projecting the date of your wedding, a lovely picture of each other, or just a bunch of cool spinning shapes to dance around, this kind of lighting is a must for any dance floor.  

Pin Spotting

A great way to highlight certain parts of your venue is to put small spotlights on individual areas. This is called pin spotlighting and it can be great for helping your guests see in darker areas and to give a more formal, quiet feel to an aspect of the ceremony. One of my personal favorite ways you can accomplish this is by putting lights over guests’ chairs so that they can read menus and see each other’s faces without any issue.   

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