3 Motifs to Put on the Perfect Event in Clearwater

With crystal-clear waters, fresh-from-the-gulf seafood, and stunning white-sand beaches, Clearwater is one of those rare beach towns that has it all. It’s little wonder then that so many folks choose Clearwater to host special events, whether weddings, birthday parties, business retreats, or anything else under the sun. Of course, while location is crucial, combining it with the right themes and visions is truly key to pulling off an event that none of your guests will soon forget. 

To get you brainstorming, here are four of Gabro Event Services’—Clearwater’s premier event rental agency—favorite motifs to fit any event in this sunny oasis. 

A Clearwater Beachside Bash

We’ll get the obvious out of the way first. There is truly no better place to host a beach-themed event than in Clearwater, for one simple reason: the beaches here are world-class. Of course, a beach-themed event should ideally happen on the beach, but location is only one consideration. 

To truly bring it to the next level, you’ll want to dig into the smaller details, like string lighting threaded through nearby palms, rattan woven chandeliers that match an outdoorsy vibe, and perhaps even a dance floor, since we all know that sand can make letting loose a bit more difficult.

A Clearwater Dinner en Blanc

Translated from French as ‘Dinner in White’, this popular dinner event theme first came about in Paris during the 1980s and is now a global trend. At a Dinner en Blanc, guests are encouraged to dress light and white, perfect for a warm breezy day in Clearwater. Alongside white attire, the event is likely to include linens, lanterns, candles, piping and draping, and plush furniture, all of which, of course, white and bright. For those on a budget, this theme can be particularly cost effective, since it can easily utilize baseline white tablecloths and chairs supplied by event rental services.

Gala On A Clearwater Rooftop

If you’d prefer you and your guests look out at the ocean from a birds-eye view, Clearwater has many options for rooftop venues that afford stunning panoramas of the bay and gulf. You can glitz up a roof-top by adding canopies of market or bistro light, dotting it with soft and cushy furniture, adding plenty of tables for dining and concessions, and topping it all off with a stage and risers to accommodate a DJ or a live band. 

Planning Your Dream Event? Let Gabro Event Services Help

If you’re planning an event or in need of a wedding rental service in Clearwater, Gabro Event Services is here to help. We know that your story is what counts, which is why we make it ours from the moment you walk into our offices. Ready to plan the picture-perfect special event in Clearwater? Get started by browsing our gallery to see what we offer, or contact us today to set up a consultation!