Clearwater Wedding Chair Rentals: 5 Can’t-Go-Wrong Options

Chairs (and seating in general) are probably one of the most important elements to any gathering, especially one as large and important as a wedding. However, it can be easy to get caught up in excessive, overly expensive options that don’t work for your wedding. That’s why we at Garbo Event Services are here to make sure that your experience with Clearwater wedding chair rentals goes off without a hitch with some easy-to-follow tips on making sure that your seating is just right. 

Basic Folding Chairs

With weddings, it’s often best to simply get the easiest, most cost-effective option. Folding chairs are quick to assemble, come in a variety of colors and styles, and are found almost everywhere. They’re also space-efficient, which is always important when you’re trying to host a lot of people. 


Along with basic folding chairs, higher barstools are great to put around drinking areas and various counters to help create a designated hangout spot. They also come in a variety of styles to work with a variety of aesthetics. Just make sure they’re adjustable to be able to accommodate a variety of heights. 


As with almost any furniture item, there are always options to help add your own decorative flair. Covering, sheer ribbons/sashes, and even photographs hanging on the chair are all excellent ways to personalize your furniture and make sure that it matches your event and personal style a bit better. If you need some ideas on how to coordinate things like colors/textures or how to come up with memorable ideas, your wedding planner will be happy to help. 

Keep it Simple

More often than not, it’s usually better to keep your wedding decor relatively simple. That includes things like your chairs and other furniture. While adding a decorative item can certainly make your setup pop, you want to initially keep it simple and build on what you think needs a bit more. Otherwise, you risk having confusing, clashing elements.

Make Sure It’s Portable

A common theme you’ll see on this list is ensuring that your chairs are easy to manage and move around. Believe us when we say you’ll appreciate not going for those huge wooden armchairs. With such a product you’ll be spending three hours on setup and your guests will have a hard time trying to adjust their seating. 

When you browse through our selection of chairs, you’ll find that we offer quite a few options for portable Clearwater wedding chair rentals.

We’re Here For Your Clearwater Wedding Chair Rentals

No matter the aesthetic or practical needs of your wedding, making sure you have what you need for a personalized, fun event is what we do. Regardless of your theme, we can help you get the dream wedding you’ve been waiting for and deserve and all you have to do is sit back and relax. 

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