Clearwater Wedding Lighting Rentals: 5 Lighting Ideas For an Unforgettable Wedding Day

No lights, no action. No matter the event, lighting is one of the few things that you absolutely can’t be without (along with other things like bathrooms, seating, and food). More than just a part of decor and mood, your lighting serves the essential and practical purpose of making sure that your guests can see when the sun goes down. That being said, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t get some extra flair out of them. To start, here are five ways to make sure that your wedding remains unforgettable with some stylish lighting tips that will be helpful for nearly any type of wedding.

1. Light Up Your Foliage

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, putting lights on your trees and bushes can be a great way to light up a sunset and bring a cozy, romantic ambiance to a wide space. As for the particular type of lighting you can use for this, we would personally recommend fairy lights as their wiring and mobility makes them perfect for wrapping around things. Just make sure you have enough extension cords!

2. Brighten Up Your Furniture

Worried that you don’t have the right kind of lights for this particular task? Don’t fret! Adding a light or two to your chairs can be quite charming and bordering things like tables and concessions with flowing, elegant strip lights can be seriously eye-catching. Of course, these are just two simple examples, but the point remains that adding a bit of flair to your decor and furniture can totally change the vibe of a room.

3. Make a Canopy

Using some kind of structure to make a canopy-like effect for your guest area or even where you’re about to say your vows is an excellent way to make everyone feel like they’re relaxing beneath the stars while still achieving a more closed-off, cozy feeling.

4. Make it Subtle

This is all depending on what your personal preferences lay, of course, but opting for more subtle lighting (perhaps a soft penlight over the tables or little else than the soft, changing glow of LEDs) will generally be more crowd-pleasing and less grating over time. You can even hide your lighting in objects that you may not normally expect to be lit, such as this chandelier

5. Save it For Effect

If you DO want to use your lighting for dramatics, We suggest waiting until the right moment to spring the really fun stuff on your guests. 

Imagine getting a disco vibe with spinning, colorful lights or projecting a special message or image with specialty lighting. There are ways to incorporate it as part of the show and if you need any advice on how to make that happen, we’ll be happy to help.

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