5 Lighting Ideas for Your Wedding in Clearwater

The proposal’s been made, the date and Clearwater venue have been set, now all there is left to do is…well, a lot actually. Whether you’re planning a wedding to host 20 or 200, getting every detail right takes lots of time and energy.

One of the most important details is lighting, but how can you make sure the lighting set-up is done the right way? 

 Let Gabro Event rental Services take a little off your shoulders by sharing five of our favorite ways to illuminate your special day.

Suspended Lanterns 

Suspended lanterns are a soft and celestial way to set the mood at any wedding, whether indoors or outdoors. Many suspended lanterns have the option of battery power, so there will be no concern over outlets.


You can use candles and luminaries along pathways and atop tables. This will add a touch of elegance to your wedding. Placing matching lighting throughout the reception area or along the outer contours of the ceremony can add ambiance and consistency. You can also place candles in glass holders to increase luminosity and chic.

An Arbor of String Lights

String light rentals–also called bistro lights–are a romantic and affordable way to transform any Clearwater space, whether a patio, yard, or ballroom. String lights can also be hung throughout or above the reception area in a canopy, used as backdrop, or incorporated into an archway or the altar itself. They can also be threaded through and draped across palms and trellises to glitz up a beachside reception.


Contrary to popular belief, chandeliers don’t have to be the opulent, crystal type to make an ostentatious impression. In fact, if you’re looking to create a more rustic atmosphere, you may want to consider a rattan chandelier that you can adorn with additional market or string lighting as you see fit.  

Gobo Projection Lighting

Impress your guests by including gobo projection lighting to hit the altar, line the walkways, or sit behind the bride and groom at the reception. Also known as a projection pattern, a gobo can be made from plastic, transparency film, metal, or glass, and is placed in front of a rental projector to cast a unique image out onto a wall. The best part of all, gobos can be customized to say or show just about anything, so they are an ideal well to add a personalized touch to any affair.

Light, Love, & Gabro Event Services

We know that your story is what counts, which is why we make it ours from the moment you walk into our offices. If you’re planning an event or in need of a wedding rental service in Clearwater, Gabro Event Services is here to help.  Get started by browsing our rental catalog, or contact us today to set up a consultation!