Exploring the Hottest 2021 Concession Wedding Trends

Over the past year, a number of things may have slowed to a halt, but love is not one of them. In 2021, Weddings are as hot as ever, and the trends that define them are in constant flux. In effect, keeping track of each one can be a logistical nightmare. 

That’s why Gabro Event Services is constantly creating guides that help you narrow down the most modish fads of the moment. In this edition, we’ll be covering the most fashionable concessions sure to make your special day that much more special.

Popcorn Stations

Topping our chart is probably the cheapest and most convenient of concessions, so it’s little wonder they pop up at weddings all over the country. Popcorn makes the perfect, light, and on-the-go snack to keep your guests satisfied pre or post ceremony and before dinner is served. Setting up a station is as easy as renting a popcorn maker, purchasing popping kernels, and providing different toppings and seasonings.

Cotton Candy Makers

Sugary sweet, elegantly light, and simply beautiful, cotton candy fits right in at a variety of different kinds of weddings. Believe us, your guests’ faces will light up when they watch the cotton candy spun up in fresh pastel colors.

Grazing Tables

Charcuterie boards are a fantastic addition to any event, but imagine an entire table (or several) dedicated to cold cuts, cheeses, dips, breads, crackers, fruits, veggies, and more. Sounds good, right? No wonder grazing tables are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to keep wedding guests full and satisfied in the in-between.

A Sweets Spot

While you might want to wait on the cake until that special moment, adding a sweets bar that guests can frequent is perfect for keeping them peppy throughout the day. A sweets bar can be filled with nostalgic candies, treats, and desserts. In particular, we’re quite fond of seasonal fruits and a chocolate fountain to dip them in. You can also go DIY and have guests bring their favorite baked goods to add to the mix.

A Pizza Bar

Pizza might seem like something that’s best served at weddings with a certain theme or geography, but it’s fast becoming an affordable and rustic way to serve the masses flavor in style. Depending on your caterer, you may even be able to have guests design their own pizza to reflect a bit about themselves.

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