Tampa Bay Event Rentals: What to Look for in a Tampa Bay Event Rental Company

With a nearly endless list of classy venues and locations, from water-front vistas to high-rise panoramas, Tampa Bay is, bar none, one of the most idyllic locations to set any event. Whether you’re planning your dream wedding or the next holiday business party, however, executing a large and special event takes lots of work, not to mention the right materials. For this, it’s best to hire an event rental company. 

And to help you narrow down the one that’s right for you, Gabro Event Services compiled a list of several factors to consider when choosing an event rental company.

It Should Have A Diverse Rental Catalogue

Any quality event rental service will offer a diverse and strong catalogue of items to choose from. From flatware and glassware to seating arrangements, to decor, to entertainment set-ups, you should not be limited to one single option of any of these. Ideally, the company has a showroom that allows you to get a real-time preview of inventory to ensure that you are selecting exactly what you want.

The Rental Catalog Should Be High Quality

Beyond just a variety of rental options, a good Tampa Bay event rental service will be able to guarantee that their rental items are clean, reliable, and meant to last. This will likely mean that they have both a clean and safe method of storage, as well as access to cleaning and repair systems that allow them to maintain the integrity of their equipment while it is being stored.

It Should Offer Delivery, Pickup, Setup, and Takedown Services

Believe it or not, certain Tampa event rental companies do not provide set-up or tear-down services. Some do not even offer delivery or pickup. What’s more, some may offer all of these services, but will slyly refrain from including them into the budget until the final numbers are being crunched. If you end up stuck with one of these kinds of companies, you’ll likely either pay more than you bargained, or have an unfortunate amount of extra work on your hands. Try and choose a company, like Gabro Event Services, that is upfront about all costs and can provide the full or partial event service that matches your particular needs.

Pricing Should Be Competitive

Along with a variety of high-quality equipment and services, a superior event rental service will keep your budgetary considerations in mind every step of the way and be able to help you determine what you can get for what you can afford. If your budget seems reasonable for the size of your event, and your chosen rental company cannot provide you with the equipment you need, then you may want to reconsider whom you work with.

Let Gabro Bring Your Love Story To Life

If you’re planning an event or in need of a wedding rental service in Clearwater, Gabro Event Services is here to help. We know that your story is what counts, which is why we make it ours from the moment you walk into our offices. 

So let us guide you toward a fun, stress-free, and flawlessly run event that your guests are sure to never forget. Get started by browsing our rental catalogue, or contact us today to set up a consultation!