How to Discover the Best Event Tent Rentals in Clearwater

Any event with any amount of time being spent in the outdoors is going to need some kind of tent. Now, you may think at this point that you’re limited to a narrow range of plain white tents with no protection or coverage when that simply isn’t the case. There are many things that you can do to ensure that your tent rentals are perfect, such as:

Thinking About The Kind of Tent You Want And Need

There are several different tents that you can opt for, some of which have their own perks and serve different purposes.

Here are three common tents used for a variety of events that you can expect to see:

Canopy Tents

These wide, spacious tents are meant to give a nice, open feeling for a large amount of guests. Often, these particular kinds of tents will have openings or clear windows on the sides to let in light. 

Clear Tents

Like the previous option, these tents are made to create an open, welcoming space that will provide light and a view from all sides. The only factor you may want to consider is that these tents may let in too much light and get noticeably warmer than others.

Pole Tents

These are basic, easy to install, portable tents that use poles to support them in the grass/ground and keep them in place.

Consider the Size of Your Event

As with many other factors involving your event, it’s important that you consider the size of your event when choosing the type/size of tent to rent out. After all, you wouldn’t want to use up half of your budget on a huge tent that is only going to be half used. That being said, it’s usually smart to get a tent that is big enough to be spacious and airy.

Important tip: If you live in a hot/humid state, invest on a fan/some air conditioning to put in your tent. TRUST US.

Remember the Tone and Style You Want

Every event is different and everyone is going to need unique pieces to fill various niches. Just remember your event is about you or the company you’re presenting through it, not some trend. Whatever you think matches the tone and style of the event is right. After all, you’re not going to want an opulent starlight canopy for a daytime corporate mixer (but it could be perfect for your wedding).

A Few Other Important Factors

Some other factors that will go into the type of tent you eventually choose:

  • The kind of ground you’re working with.

  • What you’re going to have under the tent (furniture, food, flooring, etc).

  • The weather/climate you may be expecting (you might want something more covered if you’re expecting rain). 

Find the Best Event Tent Rentals in Clearwater

Garbo Event Services is always 100% dedicated to making sure your event tent rentals in clearwater go without a hitch. We will make sure you have a perfectly suited custom experience that both you and guests will never forget. 

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