How to Find Great Party Equipment Rentals in Clearwater

Planning for any event, knowing just what you need, and how to rent them can be difficult. But even though it can be difficult to properly accommodate guests for your party, there are ways to effectively and efficiently get the rentals you need. Below are some tips you can use to make ordering party equipment rentals in Clearwater stress-free.

Think About Your Niche 

As you’re planning your party, you have to consider things like the goal of the party and how to build from there. Is it an exclusive corporate event? A general industry gathering? Questions like this can go a long way to getting the right equipment that suits your needs and ensuring your guest’s happiness. 

Know Your Industry

Take a look around and see how other people in your industry act/look. What’s their purchasing power? Do you know what their expectations might be in regards to these events? Knowing your demographic in this way will help you assess not only how much you should allocate in regards to budget and what to buy, but how to take care of your guests and ensure that their expectations are met.

Start With The Basics

You can always build on too little, but it’s hard to reign it in after too much. In other words, it’s best to make sure that you start with the absolute necessities like furniture and craft services. This way, you won’t blow your budget early on unnecessary things and you won’t have to worry about excessive luxuries not being used or given a second glance.


Bouncing off of that last point, it’s always important to define your budget well in advance before renting. Some of the best ways that you can help stick to a well-defined budget include: 

  • Price shopping.

  • Buying in bulk (stay away from costly shipping).

  • Rent local when possible.

  • Staying away from unnecessary luxuries (see above).

  • Set clear expectations.

  • Be aware of the latest trends

Use Previous Data 

What worked before? What could have used a better return on investment? There’s nothing wrong with borrowing from previous successes and learning from mistakes. Clearly understanding what people do and don’t like will not only help your party be a success but also ensure you’re mindful and efficient in your job. 

Looking For Party Equipment Rentals in Clearwater? 

We at Garbo Event services are committed to making sure you have a customized, convenient experience that allows you to throw a successful party. Rain or shine, corporate event or wedding, we’ll provide you with quality rentals that will ensure your gathering runs smoothly. 

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